MyBellaBaby (MBB) is a Canadian owned company providing families with products and resources during this exciting but expensive time in their lives.

We work in conjunction with local and national sponsors as well as advertisers to provide expecting parents with deals, coupons, information and special contests.

who are we?

What is

Canada's Newest Resource for Free Baby Samples, Coupons, Contests and Giveaways

website for New and Expectant Mothers.

A resource for families expecting, with a new born, or with a toddlerup to 36 months of age.

An opportunity for businesses to connect with soon-to be mothers and families with newborns.

An amazing opportunity to grow your business and contact like minded customers.

A community comprised of local businesses and national sponsors to connect with new families.

traditional doesn’t work.

Traditional print advertising like flyers, newspapers, and mailer coupons are expensive and often generate little to no results.

Your presence on Google does not necessarily mean you’re getting traffic to your site or to your store.

More and more businesses agree that connecting with Millennials through Social Media (Instagram / Facebook / Twitter) and digital advertising (Mobile Apps) are the most innovative and effective ways to reach new customers.

what do we offer.

MyBellaBaby (MBB) understands that your time is precious and there is never enough hours in the day to get everything done. That is why we’ve partnered with Canadian business owners, like yourselves, to offer several additional member-only services that will save you time and money!

We offer the ability for vendors to get directly in the hands of their target market without wasting $$ on unnoticed advertising.

Mobile Platform – (MBB) is mobile friendly allowing it to be used across multiple devices.

what do we offer.

We have a unique advertising opportunity for local vendors as they partner with us.

Vendors have the option of paid advertising spots where (MBB) will help promote their business through:


Social Media: Facebook / Instagram / Twitter


Website: Deal(s) online to offer your current promotion(s) and a FREE Directory listing.


Millennials Are The New Target Market

81% of new parents are Millennials (18-34).

Millennial market accounts for $255b in annual spending and is only growing MBB helps businesses connect with Millennials moms who on average spend 60% of their time on digital media (4.7 hours/day).

Source: BabyCenter 21st Century Mom® Insights Series, 2014 Canada Millennial Mom Report, April 2014

what’s next


Choose the right package for your business. (Advertising Plans).


Choose the Region(s) you would like to advertise in.


Provide MBB with your deals so we can add them to our site and start advertising for you immediately!

Please supply the following information (Please Print in Block Letters).